Copy of Battery - AutoLion Webinar with Presenter

  • Learn how to predict battery lifetime with physical models

  • Address today's limitations of BMS development

  • Enable real-world fleet estimation

Topics include: 

  • Early-stage Battery Selection & Sizing Trade-off studies
  • Identify aging effects under all operating conditions
  • Identification of routes that drive aging with a digital twin
  • Push conflicting goals of the BMS to a secure limit and choose the best trade off
  • Integrate predictive AutoLion battery models with AI data analytics & cloud monitoring
Batter optimization simulation software: GT AutoLion

When it comes to battery selection, integration and developing of controls strategy many unknown factors of vehicle in use phase need to be considered. Common limitations today make it difficult to gain control over lifetime, warranty and fleet prediction.

Learn how to complement data driven insights and early-stage cell testing with AutoLion digital twins for safer, longer & powerful battery operation. The approach is based on electro-chemical thermal models which do not only enable for predictions of fleet range and aging, but as digital twins can identify damaging scenarios or routes that drive aging in the control's strategy.

Enable a future multi-technique approach. Integrate fully predictive AutoLion battery models with AI data analytics & cloud monitoring.

In the webinar Michael Vallinder will present some use cases of how AutoLion battery models are applied at the electric powertrain development at Scania, impacting different development stages from first battery selection all the way down to thermal and controls strategy.

Who should attend?
  • CEO / Vice President / General Manager from EV OEMs
  • Systems and Control Engineering
  • Head of Battery and Electric-Powertrain
  • Technical Expert Electrification, BMS
  • Head of Hybrid and EV Battery Systems
  • Chief Engineer Energy Storage & Systems
  • Manager Battery Technology and Modeling
  • Senior Specialist, Battery


Michael Vallinder - SCANIA | Guest Presenter

Michael Vallinder graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm 2006 and did his master thesis at Volvo Cars using GT-POWER and writing own turbine object.

Before joining Scania in 2012 he worked several years at GM Powertrain in Södertälje carrying out engine performance simulations. Lateron, when GM Powertrain Södertälje became AVL in 2009, he worked at AVL as GT-SUITE consultant for various customers.

In 2012 at Scania Michael started with performance simulations of diesel engines. Since 2018 Michael Vallinder is working at Scania in the electric powertrain division on performance simulations. He is driving the method development on battery and electric propulsion.

Peter Stopp

Peter Stopp | Presenter

Joshua Enriquez-Geppert

Joshua Enriquez-Geppert | Presenter

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Shreyas Lele | Presenter